24/04/14 7:00 PM:

Currently: Dry

Forecast: ”increasing clouds with little temp. change. precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hrs.”

Current temperature: 14.4°C

Maximum wind speed today: 6.0 mph S

Temperature 14.4°C 16.4°C at 3:36 PM
9.6°C at 5:29 AM
-0.6 °C /hr
Humidity 78% 92% at 5:56 AM
72% at 3:24 PM
0% /hr
Pressure 1017.4 hpa 1020.7 hPa at 9:27 AM
1017.3 hPa at 6:16 PM
Wind 0.0 mph SE Last hour: 4.0 mph SE
Max day: 6.0 mph S
Rain 1:10 PM 0.04 in. (1.0 mm) 0 day(s) without rain
Month Rain: 0.64 in. (16.3 mm)
0.00 (0.0 mm) last hr
0.00 in. (0.0 mm) in 3 hours
Feels Like:
14 °C
Dew Point:
Wet Bulb:
Cloud Height:
1910 ft

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