Published and distributed by Stambourne Parish Council
The first issue of the Stambourne Newsletter was distributed in September 1977 and has been distributed to each household every two months without exception ever since! It is hard to believe that it has been published for over 40 years. This is a huge achievement for a small village and thanks go to the Parish Council, contributors, editors, volunteer distributors and all villagers who help with support.
The first issue started with the following:
A Message from the Chairman of the Stambourne Parish Council:
The Parish Council have long felt a need for a way to let the people of Stambourne know what is happening in the Parish and have decided to try the following type of News Letter to be published at two monthly intervals. It is hoped you will find the information useful and that you may wish to join in some of the village activities that are listed in this and future News Letters.
D.R.H. JOHNSON Chairman, Stambourne Parish Council
This was reiterated in the 100th edition in March 1994:
Message from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Derrick Johnson
A landmark has been achieved by the publications of this, the 100th edition of the Stambourne Newsletter. I’m sure you will agree that it is now an important part of the village. Our thanks go to the Parish Clerks who have done so much to keep it going, firstly Elsie Hillier, followed by Margaret Kolozsy, Jean Sager, Jane Pickess, and now Fiona Bayley; also to contributors who, I trust, will keep items coming as it is a means to keep all parishioners informed.
It is to be hoped that, by publishing the various events and organisations, this will entice people to join and partake in activities, for this is the way to keep Stambourne an active and vibrant village. I can assure you that the Parish Council will continue, with your help, to maintain this.
Martyn Fall, the Chairman of the Parish Council, commented that this message is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago! Since the 100th edition the newsletter has continued to be fully supported by the Parish Council, villagers and the voluntary commitment of the editors. Fiona Bayley (who started in 1993) continued to edit it until January 2005. After that Susie Songhurst took over until early 2011 when Steve Platt took up the challenge until the middle of 2018. The full collection of newsletters is available from Martyn Fall if anyone is interested to see them. In addition the last fifty are available on
What is evident from a review of these is that some topics change over the years but surprisingly the format and topics covered have remained remarkably much the same.
In looking back through the previous 249 copies it is evident that the newsletter documents the many ongoing activities which are needed to maintain the fabric of the village; the Playing Field and Pavilion, the Village Hall, the Church and Chapel, the roads and footpaths; all of which help to uphold Stambourne Village life.
It is also very clear what a generous and caring village Stambourne is. Every issues is full of numerous fund-raising events for all kinds of good causes; both those benefiting the village directly (the Church, the Chapel, the Village Hall, the Playing Field, the Playgroup and School and numerous village clubs) but also charities with a wider scope. It would be impossible to sum up all the donations – but it must add up to many thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pounds!!!
In addition it seems that the various groups are always looking for additional membership and support. In several newsletters the phrase “Use it, or loose it” was used and this is as relevant today as in the past.
Whether you are a long-term resident or new to the village, take a look at the activities advertised and if you see something that interests you join in; there will be a warm welcome!
A second-hand wooden sports pavilion was purchased for the Playing Field:
It took many years of fundraising and voluntary activity to get it erected and fully functioning.
1983, 1991 and 1994
Stambourne Won the Essex Best Kept Small Village Competition and during the same period the Playing Field got several awards.
Over the years all the major country celebrations have warranted special events in the village:
VE/VD Day, Royal Weddings, Jubilees and the Queen’s Coronation.
The next newsletter will be June / July. Please send any constructive thoughts on how to improve the newsletter and any contributions to Karen Crago at or drop them in the post box at Tagely Farm, Finchingfield Road by Wednesday 22nd May. Thank you.
The latest meeting of the Parish Council took place on Thursday 21 March 2019 at 7.30pm in the village hall, Stambourne.
Planning – There was one application to consider – number 19/00230 with no comments made.
Pavilion – There is some broken guttering at the front of the pavilion which will be repaired. Plans for the refurbishment are continuing – a contractor has been appointed and as soon as funding has come in, the work will be carried out. This would not have been possible without the grant awarded by Essex County Council CIF fund.
Playing Field – You will have seen that bollards have been installed around the car park in the playing field. This will help prevent vehicles driving onto the grass. The mobile picnic table has been refurbished over the winter and is now ready to go back onto the playing field for the summer. Seven new oak trees have been planted on the playing field as a memorial to the seven men from Stambourne who lost their lives in the First World War. I think you will agree that this is an appropriate way to commemorate the centenary of the end of the war.
Thank you to Mr and Mrs Dowling who have kindly offered to repaint the telephone box in Chapel End Way. The telephone box in Church Road is also in need of tidying up and if anyone has some time to spare and would like to help with this please get in touch.
The next meeting will take place on Thursday 16th May 2019 at 7.30 pm in the village hall and will be the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting.
Full minutes and agenda available on the website at
Debbie Hilliard Parish Clerk Tel: 01440 785629 Email:

Everyone has had details in the post on what ID is needed but in case of queries all the information you need can be found at
The Village Hall Committee A.G.M. will be held on Monday 29th April at 7:00 pm. Everyone is invited to attend. We are also looking for more people to volunteer to be on the committee so please, if you feel so inclined, come and join us. Tea, coffee and cake will be served after the meeting.



Silver Link


Tuesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

An afternoon of fun activities with a friendly group. Includes tea and cake. Outings during summer months. Contact Vanessa 01440 785122
“Let’s Get Started” - Fitness Class Weekly

Tuesday 6:00 pm

For more details contact Lara 07471 105210
Stambourne K9 Training Weekly

Tuesday 7:00 pm

For further information contact Peter 07889 121148
Stambourne Ladies’ Group Monthly

Wednesday 7:30 pm
Call Vicky 01440 785528 or Lorna 01440 785573
The Village Hall is available for hire both by the residents of Stambourne and those who live outside the village. HIRE FEES Stambourne Residents £20 for 4 hours, then £5 per hour
Non-residents £30 for 4 hours, then £5 per hour Please contact Rosi Horton 01440 785339 for all booking enquiries.
ü Decorate an Easter cake. ü Have dinner at Winners in Finchingfield. ü Visit the National Flower Show at Hylands House. ü Learn about a year in the life of a honeybee. ü Have a day out at RHS Wisley. ü Enjoy afternoon tea at Clare Park Lake Golf Club. ü Join in with a monthly book swap.
SLG 2019
We've had a great start to 2019. In February Nikki Phillips, a mindfulness specialist, sent us to sleep (in a good way) with a full house attending, three new members and one guest. In March Jo, our image consultant, gave us an insightful talk on the way colours and make-up we wear affect the image we project of ourselves. A real confidence boosting evening.
Our next event takes place in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on 10th April. Our very own Zoe is going to show us how to ice a cake for Easter with tasters. Come along and enjoy some refreshments. Guests pay £4 or pay a £10 joining fee and £2 per meeting.
Call Vicky on 01440 785528/07778 410376 or Lorna on 01440 785573. By way of introduction we’ll be happy to bring you to our event if you’re feeling shy.
If anyone would like more information please ring Vanessa on 01440 785122 5

page4image8928 page4image8928

th April

th April
Time: Where: Cost:
162 - 4 pm Village Hall £2.00 Bring Easter Egg
page4image8928 page4image8928

2 - 4 pm
page4image8928 page4image8928

th May

th May

Village Hall £2.00 Bring Small Raffle Prize
142 - 4 pm Village Hall £2.00 Bring Small Raffle Prize
282 - 4 pm Village Hall £2.00 Bring Small Raffle Prize
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He is not here; He is risen!
I heard a wonderful story recently about a Church Sunday School which was putting on a drama telling the story of Holy Week and Easter. All had gone well and the wonderful moment arrived when the angel appeared to the women at the tomb to declare those glorious words: ‘He is not here; He is risen.’ (Luke 24:6). Unfortunately, five year old Brian could not remember what to say, and so the Youth Leader had to quietly remind him of his line. He then confidently grabbed the microphone and triumphantly shouted, ‘He’s not here; He’s in prison!’
As we move this month from Lent into Holy Week and onto Good Friday I am sure we are all looking forward to Easter Day when we shall once again hear those words ring out ‘He is not here; He is risen!’ And we shall rejoice and celebrate again the glorious truth that Jesus rose from the dead.
Easter is the high point of the Christian Year because this particular celebration,
Rev. Liz Paxton Tel: 01787 277270 Email:
of Christ rising from the dead, is the single most important aspect of the Christian faith. This confidence in Christ’s overcoming the power of death and sin is what makes us able to overcome the sadness we feel when people die. It is both appropriate to feel sad at losing someone you love, and joyous knowing that their faith has secured their salvation. If you want to find out more about this assurance then please do get in touch with me or come along to any of our Easter services.
The good news of the Easter message is that although Jesus died upon the cross he rose again and through his resurrection he overcame the power of sin and the sting of death. That is why Paul could write: ‘Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ (1 Corinthians 15: 57). This Easter let us give thanks that Jesus is not dead. He is not in prison. He is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Verse of the month: Luke 24:6a not here; He is risen!
He is

On 10th March we welcomed Isla Warren, her family, god-parents & friends to our Church for Isla’s Baptism service, conducted by Rev. Liz Paxton. It was a lovely service which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
The services for the next two months are varied and not always held at Stambourne Church. However, everyone is welcome to attend and take part in the various events held at the other Churches in our Benefice.

Date: Time: Service:
page7image12616 page4image10320 page4image8928 page4image8928
th April

th April

79:30 am Morning Prayer
Dave Brown
1410:00 am PALM SUNDAY
page4image8928 page4image8928
th April

Benefice walk from Sible Hedingham Church – finishing at Castle Hedingham Church
219:30 am
th April

EASTER SUNDAY Joint Holy Communion service at Little Yeldham Church
289:30 am Morning Prayer
page4image8928 page4image8928

Dave Brown
page4image8928 page4image8928
th May

5No service at Stambourne - please see notice board for other services in the Benefice
1:30 pm
th May

WEDDING – Sophie Pyman and Gregory Adams
page4image8928 page4image8928

Rev. Liz Paxton
page4image8928 page4image8928
st May
th May

19No service at Stambourne - please see notice board for other services in the Benefice
269:30 am

Holy Communion
Details of officiate to be confirmed
Val Kerrison
Churchwarden Email: Tel: 01440 785752 or 07879 816362
Easter is late this year - in fact it won't be this late again until 2028! (I think - let me know if you think differently on the Village Facebook Page!) It is funny how it is calculated, but that really is only because it is based around the lunar calendar used by the Jews at the time of Jesus. It coincides with the Jewish festival
of Passover - but that's another story. Usually the first lawn mowers are heard at Easter, but this year they were heard in late January! That's about the earliest I have ever heard them. And with all this warm weather the flowers have been beautiful, the farmers have been able to get on with their work and everything seems to be getting ahead of the normal. And we could extrapolate and come to the conclusion that "it's getting warmer", but I think that is probably because we have very short weather memories (or weather cycles go in periods that are longer than our life cycle and so we don't remember!!).
I was in India earlier this year in a place where the temperature doesn't go below a "cold" 28 degrees C but reaches a high of 50! But for the week I was there the temperature started off at 22 degrees, and my hosts were shiveringly cold - I even lent my overcoat to one man. So does that even things out across the globe? Well probably not - using just two data points is not really very effective for providing a reliable judgement.
Yet it is surprising how often I hear people say things about the Bible based on a knowledge of two or three pieces of
information. We have recently run the Bible Course which puts things into historic context and takes the sixty six books that make up the Bible and puts them into context with each other. It's fascinating! And given that it is still the best-selling book ever (and has always been ever since the booksellers have been counting) it is worth remembering that it has had the greatest influence on the way our country is run, the origin of most of our laws, and much of our language. And yet many are willing to dismiss it as an inconsistent and unreliable myth - usually based on far too little information.
Take a read! Come to another of the courses! But above all don't extrapolate based on too little information for by doing that we are bound to come to the wrong conclusion!
The Passion Story with Communion Easter Celebration - He is Alive!
Plant Sale and Swap in the Chapel
Friday 19th April Sunday 21st April OTHER EVENTS: Tuesday 7th May
7:30 pm 10:45 am
10 am - mid pm
We will also be holding another Indian Evening with Indian food and a talk about the work of the BGM Orphan Home in Bhongir near Hyderabad, India. The last one in March was well attended and enjoyed - please email Adrian and we will let you know the date.
Joanna Taylor is climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of BGM India in July. Please sponsor her by going to her donations page (and find Stambourne Chapel) or directly via the Chapel.
Advanced Notice:
22nd June 7:15pm A performance of the Edinburgh Fringe five star rated play "Would you Adam and Eve it?" at Haverhill Arts Festival and Sponsored by local Congregational Churches
The Chapel are pleased to be taking part in the local Open Gardens event on 8/ 9th June organised by the Church of England.
Every Week: Coffee Morning Every Tuesday 10 am-12 which includes: I-Tea (Computer Support), Slipper exchange (bring your old ones for a free pair of NHS approved ones), and occasional Coffee with Cops, where a representative of the local police will be available for informal discussions. Otago Strength and Balance Exercise Every Wednesday 2-3 pm - seated and Standing, strength and balance exercises to maintain and prolong independence - with refreshments afterwards! £4.50 a session. Band Practice Most Tuesdays at 7:30pm - you are most welcome to come and listen - or bring an instrument and join in!
Minister: Adrian Burr, 01440 730211, 07983 656166, Prayer requests: Margaret Mead 01376 345337
A huge thank you to the NINE villagers and ONE Sturmer volunteer who turned up to collect Stambourne’s litter in February. Our youngest was 8 year old Daisy who did her litter pick the day before with her Nanny, Sharon. Their oddest find was an “in date” packet of jam tarts! We were rewarded with 20 bags of rubbish and 2 bags of recycling. More volunteers next time please! Watch this space for the autumn date.
However, if you want to do something before then join the Spring Clean initiative. More details can be found on:
page9image13328 page9image13496 page9image13664
Homemade Fayre
To be held in Stambourne Village Hall On Saturday 25th May
between 1 pm and 4 pm. If you are interested in selling your wares then please contact:
Liz on 01440 788202 or 07876404435
page11image4376 page11image4544 page11image4712
Stambourne Jumble Sale
Saturday 8th June 2019 1 pm @ The Village Hall
Admission 50p Tea and coffee available All proceeds to charity
Please contact Sian Davies-Hatton (07505 355994) or Lesley Scolley (07889 745180) for local pick-up in advance. Or drop jumble off at the Village Hall on Friday 7th June or on the morning of the sale.
page11image9832 page11image10000 page11image10168 page11image10328
Please help us to make this a special weekend, and consider opening your garden or helping with teas or ticket sales. As Stambourne has not opened its gardens for two decades we are hoping for a lot of interest from surrounding villages.
Over a dozen people have already signed up but we are still looking for more gardens, no matter how small or large, to add to our list. Maybe you have a special interest, topiary or vegetables. Gardens are always interesting to gardeners and they do not have to be immaculate, after all “weeds are only plants in the wrong place!”
There will be:
* PlantsalesatChurchFarmhouse * TeasattheChapel * ASaturdaybarbecueatChurchFarmBarn
On Saturday tickets with be available at the Church, the Chapel and the Village Hall. On Sunday tickets will be at the Church and Chapel
If you would like to add your garden to the list, or would be willing to volunteer to help, please contact any of the following:
Richard Day Cath Pochin Heather Hay Jane Waller
Tel: 785580 Tel: 785678 Tel: 785590 Tel: 785484