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Published and distributed by Stambourne Parish Council No. 236

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – Thursday 17th November
The last meeting of 2016 for the Parish Council took place on Thursday 17th November in the village hall at 7.30pm. We were pleased to welcome both County Councillor David Finch and District Councillor Richard Van Dulken.

Pavilion – The pavilion will be shut up for the winter.

Playing field - Unfortunately one of the new picnic tables was vandalised on bonfire night. However, it can be repaired and this will be done as soon as possible. The basketball backboard needs repainting and Martyn will do this.

Wesley End Road As you are no doubt aware Wesley End Road has been closed over the past couple of weeks for repair works.

Fingerpost signs – After much lobbying of Essex County Council Highways Department I am

pleased to report that the fingerpost signs have at last been replaced.

Church Road – Again, I am sure you are aware of water running across the road near the playing field entrance. It has been reported that Anglian Water are now investigating the leak.

Planning – The following applications have been received recently:

16/01148/FUL - Primrose Cottage
16/01465/FUL & 16/01466/LBC – Slough Farm
16/01482/FUL – Moat Hall Farm

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 19 January 2017 at 7.30pm in the village hall. Full minutes are available on the village website at

Bonfire night was a huge success with increased attendance over last year. The weather was dry, albeit a little windy and the fireworks were brilliant. It is impossible to put on an event of this kind without the help of a large team of volunteers so a big thank you to you all. Teams of people came forward to help with admittance and car parking, fireworks, the bonfire, barbecue and refreshments. Once again thank you to you all. The final profit is around £1600 and this is used for appropriate projects in the village. A grant of £150 will be made to Stambourne Silver Link towards their Christmas lunch and another £150 towards the annual Children’s Christmas party.

Debbie Hilliard
Parish Clerk
Tel: 01440 785629

I cannot believe that 2016 is nearly at an end!  It has been a busy year in the Church with our Services very well attended & more recently the Taize & All Souls Day Services.  My thanks to Adrian Burr for leading the Remembrance Sunday Service & to all those who took part.

As well as our usual pattern of Services please make a note of the following:




May I on behalf of Stambourne Church PCC wish you all a very Happy Christmas & Good Health for the New Year.

01440 785752

Looking forward to Christmas? Personally I am, but not in an impatient way– I love the anticipation and the build up. Of course, at this time of year in church, there is quite a build up! The story of the nativity is one of the most well known and of course we know all the carols which we traditionally sing at this time of year. Come along and remind yourselves of the real reason for Christmas.

When you are looking forward to something very much it is easy to wish away the waiting - but try to resist this. Enjoy the journey. The earliest Christians called the practice of being a disciple “The Way” – they knew that their destination was to a joyful reunion with Christ when their life on earth was over, but they were called to share the joy of knowing Christ with others as they lived their lives on earth. It’s no different today - we love to share the joy of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ with the community here in Stambourne.

Of course we would like to share our joy of our relationship with Jesus with you the rest of the year as well – but this is a great time to come and enjoy the welcome of the Christmas feast. In the meantime - enjoy the lead up to Christmas - enjoy the journey as well as the destination and come to one of the many services where we celebrate the birthday of the King of Kings.

Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

May I wish you every Joy at Christmas time and a very Happy New Year.

Rev Liz

From your Chapel …

Where has this year gone? No sooner are we enjoying fireworks than the shops start talking about shopping days! And this year has been special because we have seen so much happen in the Chapel. We have enjoyed fellowship together and we thank you for coming along to special events through the year; Macmillans coffee morning, Shoeboxes, film evenings, craft days etc, etc... And we have enjoyed our time together and look forward to continuing all through next year.

For some time this year we have been considering families. You know, that group of people brought together by a special relationship. And many have likened the Chapel to a family. Support for each other is always important especially when we are not feeling too good, health wise or just feeling a bit down. We have seen so many of the family looking out for each other as we have walked through times of fun and times of difficulty. And that is what family is all about isn't it?

We are told that we all have rights, but as members of a family we all have responsibilities too! And none so great as those we have for our immediate family. And it is at this Christmas time we have the opportunity to express that in love with gifts and good company.
And that is the way God views the world too. His people – that's all of us – are His family and He loves us so much that He sent Jesus into the world to live the life we lead and to show us how we should live – not that any of us could ever live quite the perfect life Jesus lived! And Christmas is the one time we celebrate what God did for us – the gift He so freely gave us – His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Now you may not believe in Jesus, or in God or in anything except people. Then you can still celebrate with us this great festival where we remember what God did for us. He gave us Christmas, and today we aim to keep Christ in Christmas!

We wish you all a very happy, peaceful and time full of joy as we celebrate. And then we pray that we will all be able to enjoy 2017 together!
Every blessing
Adrian Burr, Minister, Stambourne Chapel, Chapel End Way
07983 656166, 01440 730211

3rd December Christmas Fair in the Chapel 10am – 2pm Come and enjoy a time of craft making, coffee and cakes, and buy your Christmas Wreath for our front door!
18th December 4pm Christmas Service. We be interacting to bring the nativity story to life! Come and hear the traditional a new songs and carols!

25th December Christmas Day Service at 9:30am. We enjoy celebrating the birthday of Jesus the Christ who made Christmas possible! A short celebration service.
th December Christmas Lunch. There will be activities and things to do leading up to lunch which is being provided for 20 people this year. If you would have liked to be part of it, please get your name down for next year!!!
In January we will be holding another
film evening. We hope you can join us for a meal and something stimulating to watch. The last film we saw was Captive, which provided us with much to think about!
Every Sunday
Our Worship Service is held at 10:45 am followed by coffee 1st Sunday join us for a Communion Service
2nd and 3rd Sundays Lively Worship Services sometimes with visiting preachers
4th Sunday - Service followed by Lunch together
Every Tuesday - 10-12am Coffee and Chat. Discussion and craft over coffee and biscuits. Come and join a little time out for fun and friendship! Every Tuesday – Stambourne Worship Team Practice evening. Join us at 7pm for prayer, and 7:30pm for the music. If you play an instrument or sing we would welcome you to come and see whether you could join us. Every Wednesday - 7pm Intercessory Prayers. If you would like prayer for your needs or for a friend or family member then please let us know or come and join us. Drop a note through our letter box ...
Every Thursday – 7:30pm House Group and Bible Study – Open to all. Call if you would like to join with us.
Contacts: Adrian Burr, Minister, 01440 730211, 07983 656166,
Brian Mead, Secretary, 01371 345377,

Stambourne Village Hall
10th December

On Sat. Dec. 10th we will have the Christmas Quiz.
7.00 pm for 7.30 Start
£10  per person
£5 under eleven
2 Course Meal
Bring your own Booze and Glasses.
Lots of Laughs and Competition.
It doesn't matter if you are on your own or just two.
You are put with other people, so you can blame them if the team is rubbish.

Ring Cath on 01440 785678

Six monthly Newsletter WATCHword The Winter Issue 2016

WELCOME TO THE WINTER ISSUE 2016. The Summer issue was a great success as over 9,000 had been printed and more than 3,500 had been emailed throughout our District – so the circulation has been growing in the past two years and this is all thanks to you. In May I was re-elected as Chairman for Braintree District Neighbourhood Watch and in July at the Essex County NW Association AGM was re-elected Chairman for another year. It is important for everyone to know that I am here to be of service to anyone who would like to know what it means to be involved with Neighbourhood Watch in the Braintree District. We are always looking to increase not only new groups but also membership too. Membership of Neighbourhood Watch is FREE and you will receive regularly information and advice to help you to protect your own property and also to encourage everyone to help those to do the same if they feel vulnerable. In the past six months Neighbourhood Watch membership has increased by 20% in our District. Also over thirty Neighbourhood Watch street signs have been handed to new areas too. This is due to the fact that more of you are distributing information throughout your community – and it is so much appreciated so please keep up the good work! ECM (Essex Community Messaging) This is a system from Essex Police to advise every one of local crime issues and crime prevention advice based on your postal code. The great news is that Essex Police now have a dedicated employed person to handle not only the registrations and administration but also the training of those who are willing to send messages to their communities via ECM to reduce the opportunity of crime. So why not go to Essex Police website to enter your details OR send an email to me and I can send a form for you to complete and forward to Essex Police.
Incidentally we have a Neighbourhood Watch member who each week receives information from Essex Police and sends out messages on ECM - this is a great way for Neighbourhood Watch to be even more involved with Essex Police!
Active Citizens: Many of you should have received information on how to volunteer to work with Essex Police to reduce crime in your local area. If you would like to volunteer please send an email with your full name and contact details to Essex Police Tasking Meetings: We have a Neighbourhood Watch representative who attends most fortnightly meetings at Braintree Police Station. At these meetings Neighbourhood Watch is often asked to assist in many tasks! So a busy time ahead for all Neighbourhood Watch members and this will certainly raise our profile even more and our credibility in the communities in our District. In fact I have not only been on BBC Look East (twice), Essex Radio (twice) but many times in The Braintree & Witham Times and Halstead Gazette both of whom have been tremendous in supporting NW. I am very grateful for any media coverage as it does help us explain what we do to make our community safe. Please see the note on the bottom of this page and if anyone makes contact they will receive a letter explaining what it means to be involved and an offer to have a visit to explain more. Being part of Neighbourhood Watch entitles groups to have FREE regular newsletters, street signs, pens, window stickers, membership guide books, and Nominated Neighbour Cards (which are shown to unexpected callers to your door. They are shown through a window without the need to speak to them. Regards Clive Stewart, Chairman, Braintree District NW.
ADVICE FROM ESSEX POLICE. Heating Oil: As it comes to the time when you are thinking about topping up your heating oil tank for winter, with the value of fuel it is worth considering its security. In the more isolated parts of the countryside it is primarily domestic properties that have been targeted by the heating oil thieves, but we have also seen such thefts at farms and other businesses. There are a number of security devices available that will protect your fuel supplies - details of which can be found via your fuel supplier or local plumber’s merchant. One such system is “GPRS Fuel-Oil Alarm” from and Tank Commander which have “Secured by Design” accreditation; these products will detect a dramatic drop in fuel and calls you on the telephone. There are also other systems that will add on to an existing intruder alarm system, whilst others protect the filler cap and there are of course the conventional locks. Another consideration would be defensive planting around the tank, concealing it and restricting access to it by gates or fencing, and where possible locating the tank under lighting in view of lived in rooms within the house. The Illusion of occupancy: As the nights draw in earlier don’t forget to use table lamps on timers, and there is a product called “Fake TV” that produces lighting that resembles a television switched on within a room, you can also record serial numbers of products here free of charge. Consider installing external “Dusk till Dawn” lighting and remember to ensure gates are in good condition, closed and locked. A new product available is a movement sensor that activates an appliance plugged into a plug socket; an internet search will find such. If you would like further advice regarding security please look at the Essex Police website or contact your local Crime Reduction Advisor by using the 101 non-emergency telephone number. Naturally we also ask locals to report any unusual activity to police in an emergency on 999 or after the event on 101 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Stephen Armson-Smith Braintree & Uttlesford Crime Prevention Officer.
SUSPICIOUS PERSON AND WHAT OCCURRED. During the summer, a man living in a village in this District offered a “homeless woman” a room in his house. He met “her” in a church car park in Braintree, during a conversation involving the Vicar. When the man was away for a few days the woman moved in a lot of her own items and threw out some of his own. The excuse for this had been to impart a “feminine touch”. During that time, some stolen goods were moved into the property, and there were a number of strangers coming and going. The property is a private rental and the agents were alerted by concerned neighbours. Notice was then given that the woman should leave by a certain date. The woman set about “befriending” a number of villagers, and once into their homes commented on their possessions, offering to “value” them, saying she was knowledgeable about antiques. She also admired jewellery that people were wearing, which often was only costume jewellery and suspicions were soon aroused. After some of her visits items were found to have been removed. It was very obvious to some people that the “woman” was a man dressed in woman’s clothes. She told different stories to different people – sometimes she had seven children, sometimes only three. She claimed she was suffering from cancer, and was obviously trying to invoke people’s sympathy in order to steal from them. She also played one neighbour against another, causing a deal of bad feeling. Things came to a head when the Police were called following what was originally thought to be a “domestic” situation. It transpired that the Police were aware of this person’s past, and that he had various aliases. The Police agreed to be present when he removed his belongings from the property; it took 3 visits for that to happen. The person took advantage of the man’s kindness, and has probably now moved on to another unsuspecting locality! PLEASE REMEMBER! Do not allow any unexpected callers into your home without discussing the matter with your family, friends and neighbours. Also use the Nominated Neighbour Card, available FREE from Neighbourhood Watch

Stambourne Ladies Group (SLG) NEWS! Check out our Facebook Page!

12th OCTOBER – Our guest was the well-known local farmer and author, Ashley Cooper. Ashley kept us entertained with farming anecdotes and, as our meeting was open to all, our own local farming community was well represented and added their personal tales. Ashley kindly donated cheese and wine for the evening which complemented sandwiches, cakes and beverages supplied by our catering team.

th NOVEMBER – We began the evening by filling our boots with sandwiches and cakes followed by a glass of wine or two. Our guest, Rowley Collier, introduced us to the history of gemstones. He is a graduate of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain whose students come from all over the world to study and take their exams. We were all enlightened about the origins of our own diamonds and gems. Rowley had also brought along his extensive private collection of stones for us to pick up and look at closely.

th DECEMBER – Fashion Show at 7pm – Dress to impress this Christmas with M&Co’s fabulous range of womenswear. Whether you’re looking for an outfit for day or evening wear, we will have casual and occasion clothes to suit your style modelled by real women, hot off the catwalk. Fashions will be available to order from M&Co on the night and you can go home with a 10% discount voucher to use next time you’re in Haverhill. Entrance is £3 at the door or you can book your ticket by calling Annabel or Vicky. You are warmly invited to come along, have a glass of mulled wine and watch the show commence! A buffet will be available during the interval.

– Our 2017 schedule will be published soon and we hope to have another bumper year. You are invited to come along to our get togethers in the Village Hall which is transformed into a bistro every second Wednesday of the month. On 11th January members will be meeting to discuss and confirm plans for the upcoming year. On 8th February at 7.30, new members are invited to come along to see first-hand what the group is all about. Our annual membership fee is £10 with £2 being paid at each meeting. A buffet is laid on by our catering team together with tea, coffee and cold drinks (wine glasses are to hand if you wish to bring along your own vino or favourite tipple). We have at least two awaydays each year together with an annual celebration dinner at a local restaurant.



Many thanks to all those who attended the Christmas Shopping Trip to Norwich from Toppesfield. Next year’s event will be November 11th 2017.

Toppesfield School
10:30am – 12.30pm on 10th December

Business boost after Council announced free parking in its town centre car parks for Small Business Saturday

Braintree District Council will offer free parking between 7am and 7pm in its town centre car parks* to mark this year’s Small Business Saturday UK being held on Saturday, December 3rd.

More information here :
Essex DaRT

DaRT means demand responsive or Dial and Ride Transport.  It is formed of a number of minibus vehicles, typically accommodating between 8 and 16 passengers. These minibuses operate a range of bus services serving rural communities where conventional buses are not viable operations. They differ from normal bus services, in that they are totally flexible and can divert on and off route to collect and drop off passengers within their operating area. DaRT works by grouping bookings together to make it viable. It is not a taxi service, as there must be sufficient volume of passengers with similar itineraries. Most DaRT work, is former bus routes, and group bookings.  But unlike a large bus, DaRT only needs three or four passengers to make a group booking. And, when not operating a timetabled bus route or group booking, vehicles may be available for individual runs where no alternative transport is available. DaRT operates between 0600 and 2000 Mondays to Saturdays inclusive.
Also, unlike a conventional bus, you need to book your seat, and register as a customer, at least two hours in advance of travel, and can book up to three months in advance of travel. But, if you travel regularly, you do not need to book every single time you travel, as you can make a regular booking which lasts for three months.
North Essex DaRT has carried more passengers every month since it first commenced.

To get more information call Essex DaRT on 01621 874411 or visit

There finally seem to be some visible signs that Superfast Broadband, supplied by BT, is coming to Stambourne.
BT have applied for permission to install a new cabinet in Stambourne which is almost certainly to house the equipment needed to provide fibre broadband to the village. The notice is in the name of BT OpenReach, their subsidiary that installs and supports fibre and existing broadband connections.
The current status according to their availability website for the village is "Field Survey" which means they are in the planning stage to install the new cabling and cabinet which connects to our exchange in Ridgewell.
Whilst no firm date is given for availability, they say that this process usually takes 6-9 months before customers can order their superfast broadband. However, as of time of writing, it's been in that stage for a couple of months so it's possible that it could be completed by spring or soon afterwards.
Of course, other options for fast broadband such as County Broadband are still available for those who can receive it, or satellite broadband as an alternative.

However, fibre broadband offers some advantages over other technologies such as those used by County Broadband and satellite broadband such as not being affected by weather and being available to all once the upgrade has taken place. Also, there is no need to install any receiving equipment on the house such as dishes or aerials – all that’s required is a new router, similar in style to the existing ones many people already have.

As mentioned previously in the newsletter, the speed available will largely depending on the distance of your house from the cabinet near Hill Farm but it’s likely that everyone will be able to get at least 10Mb/s, an increase of over 10 times the speed which is currently available.

More information is available from BT using their upgrade check website at

3rd December at 10am-2pm Christmas Fair at The Chapel inc. Wreath-making
7th December Mobile Library:16.35-1650 Chapel End Way 1655-1730 Village Hall 10th December Toppesfield Christmas Market, 10:30am – 12:30pm
10th December 7pm Quiz Night, Village Hall
11th December Carol Service at The Church
14th December 7pm Stambourne Ladies Group Fashion Show
18th December Carol Service at 4pm at The Chapel
25th December Christmas Day Communion at The Church
25th December Christmas Service at The Chapel, 9.30am
25th December Christmas Lunch at The Chapel
1st January Benefice Evensong at Castle Hedingham Church at 4pm
19th January Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm at the Village Hall

Stambourne Ladies Group
in partnership with
M&Co, Haverhill
On Wednesday 14th December at 7pm in Stambourne Village Hall

Dress to impress this Christmas with M&Co’s fabulous range of womenswear. Whether you’re looking for day or evening wear, we will have casual and occasion wear to suit your style modelled by real women, hot off the catwalk.

Buy tickets in advance or pay £3 at the door and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a selection of Christmas Fayre from our buffet table.

There will be a raffle with some great prizes up for grabs and all profits from the evening will be donated to Multiple Sclerosis Society UK and Cancer Research UK.

TICKET HOTLINES: ANNABEL 01440 785809 / VICKY 01440 785528