Stambourne Newsletter
Published and distributed by Stambourne Parish Council No 228


The latest meeting of the Parish Council took place on Thursday 16 July at 7.30pm in the village hall. We were pleased to have Cllr Richard Van Dulken present who is our District Councillor.

Since the election in May 2015 there have been two vacancies on the Parish Council. We are pleased to say that these have now been filled by Mrs Karen Grant and Mr Neil Pyman. Our Parish Council is now made up as follows:-

Martyn Fall (Chairman), Michael Crago (Vice Chairman), Vanessa Young, Jenny James, Andrew Drysdale, Karen Grant and Neil Pyman

Pavilion – I think you will agree that the pavilion looks extremely smart with its new roof. We are very pleased with the result and it should keep the pavilion weathertight for many years to come. The CIF grant has also enabled us to buy grass protection mesh for areas of the playing field which will be fitted when the ground is softer, a new noticeboard for the pavilion and some picnic tables which will be installed permanently when the concrete plinths are finished.

Playing field – Further arrangements are in place to carry out some refurbishment of the play equipment. This work should take place later in the summer.

Village sign – The village sign is now in place and was unveiled at the recent fete. Again I think it looks very good and enhances our playing field and village.

Highways –The potholes are a continuing problem together with the state of the fingerpost signs. We continue to try and get some response from ECC about getting this work done. Please remember that anyone can report in highway issues by using the Essex County Council website and following the links.

There being no further matters to discuss the meeting closed at approximately 8.45pm

Full minutes and agendas are available on the village website.

Debbie Hilliard
Parish Clerk
Tel: 01440 785629



The Services have continued with the usual services on the first, second and fourth Sundays. The attendances have increased with the new arrivals in the villages welcomed into the congregation.

The Christening of Charlotte Eve Sammons took place in the Church after the 11.15 service on Sunday 5th July with an almost full Church.

On the 16th August at 3.00pm there will be the wedding of Captain James May and Lisa Amy Wiffen.

One of the happiest features of the Churchyard has been the Wildflower Garden on the east side at the back of the Church. This was created by Oscar Pickess using seeds from various
sources. They include a number of varieties of Poppy, Flax, White Cosmos and Dwarf Morning Glory, thirty three different wild flowers in all.

The next major Service will be the Harvest Festival on Sunday 12th October at 4pm in the Church.

Once again a reminder that the Church is open every day. The Votive stand and Prayer Book are in front of the Altar and have been much used.

Church Wardens
Richard Day
Val Kerrison

Adrian Burr

From the Chapel:

I have been reminded recently of the word "preparations", and I suspect many of you are making preparations for the holiday season: going away, making provisions for the children during the holidays, preparing for visitors, etc etc... For some the preparations are for life events such as weddings, the birth of a baby, or retirement and yet for others their may be building projects, business developments, changes in circumstances, downsizing, upsizing etc.

We seem always to be preparing for something! Children go up to new schools, leave school for work, college or university, leave education for work, start a new activity or club! It doesn't matter how old or young we are, we are always preparing.

We always seem to be preparing for a change, however small or large and these preparations always take work and effort. They are what our lives seem to be full of from the time we can first remember to the time when we prepare to leave this earth.

And this is the churches business. Helping people through all these preparations and changes. J John, a charismatic church leader, is asked on an aeroplane what he does and he puts it like this.

"I belong to an global enterprise that has outlets in nearly every nation of the world. We have hospitals, hospices, homeless shelters, we do marriage work, we've got orphanages, feeding programmes, educational programmes, we do all sorts of justice and reconciliation work, basically we look after people from birth to death and we deal in the area of behavioural alteration."

Wow,!! So that is what church is!!

And so the church is in the business of preparation : preparation for whatever you may be going through in your life today. Preparation for physical change, for emotional change and for spiritual change. Whatever your circumstances, there are parts of the Church that can help, for the church is the only organisation that was set up for the benefit of its non-members. You may think we are a group of people who meet on a Sunday and have nothing to do with anybody or anything else. But that isn't our purpose or our reason for being.

We are here to help, to care and to support. We are here to talk, to point to resources that can help, to pray and to be friends. And we do that as best we can in every walk of life with God as our guide and the Bible as our basis for all we do.

Can we help? People in Belarus and India think we can. Many we have helped around our villages think we can too. So can we help you?

Now, preparations are always fun because their is the anticipation of what is to come. Excitement starts as we begin to work out what we need for the changes to happen, but we may also have regrets about the past and what we are leaving behind. Excitement mounts as the time comes close, but we may also be fearful of where we are going. Change always involves stress, and sometimes that is good, but at other times can be difficult. The Church is here to share your burden and your stress, to get excited as you get excited, and to also share your times of sadness. How can we help? For we are a "global enterprise ......." A nation beyond the boundaries of nations, a kingdom outside of the rule of kings (or queens) or rulers. The Church is so much more than what you see on Sundays as people go in and out of the church and chapel buildings in Stambourne. It happens on weekdays and weekends, on high days and holidays, workdays and rest days, morning, evening and night. It is outside politics and pressure groups. It is the praying people of God, who, just like you and me, fail in so many ways to live up to God's standards, but who are forgiven by Him for our failings. Church is about the changes in our lives and is exciting....!!! Church life is living life to the full!!

We look forward to working with you and alongside you...

May God bless you in all your changes....

Adrian Burr, Minister, Stambourne Chapel

What's On
Services at 10:45am led by our Music Group or the REACH Worship group with the Word brought by our minister, one of the congregation, or a visiting preacher.

1st Sunday Communion

4th Sunday Service led by REACH Worship group and followed by a shared meal

10-12am Coffee and Chat - an informal time of coffee and chat
7:30pm REACH Worship band practice - all welcome to share this time of worship

7pm Prayer ministry - come along to share prayer for your self or for those you know, or for any concerns you have.

Lots of preparation work for the year ahead!

12th "Ride and Stride" and also National Heritage Day. 10-4pm
We will be open for the "Ride and Stride" visitors who are sponsored to cycle or walk to visit as many churches as they can to support the Historic Essex Churches Trust.

We will be providing refreshments for all who come.

Alongside this we are celebrating National Heritage Day and invite all who would like to find out about the heritage of their family history.

The chapel has worked hard to find out about the families who has been involved over the years, from the Havers family of the 17century, through the Spurgeons of the 19c and the Houchins of the early 20c, and all the local families buried in the church yard, recorded on plaques, or whose words are recorded in the minutes and church records.

We will be displaying all of this information and people will be available to discuss your family tree and history as we give thanks for all these people have contributed over the years.

13th Celebration Service for all those who have been involved in the church over the last 353 years.

27th Harvest celebration at 4pm with shared tea afterwards

Toppesfield and Gainsford End
Village Show
Saturday 12th September 2015 2.00pm
Toppesfield Village Hall

Competitive Show
Art Exhibition

Lots of Stalls Games Sideshows

Grand draw Refreshments

Cricket Match 2.00pm start
Toppesfield playing field

Toppesfield V Old Southendians


A great afternoon for all the family

Further Info :Ann Read 01787 237464

The Winner of the Scarecrow Competition was Slough Farm’s entry, below. All other entries are on

First of all we would like to thank Vanessa Young for organising the Annual Fete again this year. It was a great success in spite of the weather.
Although for family commitments, Cath, our secretary, has not been able to organise the fete for the past two years, she has worked very hard knocking on doors selling tickets for the Grand Draw. She sells at least £80 worth of tickets each time so I was pleased one of the tickets she sold was drawn for the first prize.
The winners of the first three prizes were as follows:-
1st £100 - Mr Geroge Knowles (who very kindly handed it back for the funds. Our grateful thanks to you Mr Knowles)
2nd Champagne - Miss Anne Pyman
3rd Basket of fruit - Mr Cartwright
Joyce Jousiffe,Treasurer
Items for the next newsletter by 17th September
Steve Platt Email : or phone 07767 357016