Hire the local facilities

Hire the local facilities
Stambourne Village Hall, Stambourne, North Essex

Don’t forget you can use the Village Hall for your celebrations or clubs. If it’s not used there is a risk of this great amenity being lost.

Hire the Stambourne Village Hall

Church Road, Stambourne CO9 4NP

The Stambourne Village Hall is available for hire. Hiring Fees, including heating and electricity:

  • For residents: ÂŁ8 per hour
  • For non-residents: ÂŁ10 per hour

This includes heating and a kitchen.

There is also a table tennis table, and carpet bowls is available.

Please fill out the form below to enquire.

Or contact Rosemary Horton on 01440 785 339 or by email at: rosihorton1@gmail.com.

The Pavilion on the Playing Field, Stambourne, North Essex

Hire the Stambourne Playing Field & Pavilion

Church Road, Stambourne CO9 4NR

The Playing Field & Pavilion are available for hire.

If anybody needs it, there is a freezer in the Pavilion which may be used.

Please fill out the form below to enquire.

Or contact Debbie Hilliard on 01440 785 629 or by email at: debbiehilliard614@gmail.com.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2022: The Pavilion will now be closed down for winter and re-open in Spring 2023.