Landowner Occupier Location Field Name Field No Ac Rd Po £ s d
 Widow HARRIS cottage1340012000
 Abraham ARGENT cottage2080135000
ARNOLD AlexanderHimself cottage2090038000
BROWN JohnHimself cottage840122000
BROWN WmHimselfElms FarmPt Barn Field874 35   
   Pt Franks88830   
   Pt Long pasture893017   
   Mill field908313   
   Pt Wood field932020   
   Pt Hans. field942123   
   Elms Wood 3326   
BURLEIGH GabrielJoseph WIX cottage2420021   
BEDDELL JohnHimselfLeveritts Farm (sic)Lodge Field217322   
   The Pasture2181225   
   Stevens ley22110035   
   Slipe Field2222330   
   Long field31811228   
   Home Pasture3203030   
   Old ley3249032   
   Rowley Grove335423   
   Pt of pick field3381030   
 Unoccupied Cottage2190035   
CHOAT JohnHimself Cottage & garden105 237 36
CHOAT HenryHimself Cottage & garden100030 40
CHAPLIN late John’s TrusteesThemselves Strawberry field50200 123
Joshua FITCH & Samuel BRIDGEMary BOWYER cottage290024   
Joshua FITCH & Samuel BRIDGESamuel FITCH cottage253009   
Joshua FITCH & Samuel BRIDGEAbraham MARTIN cottage2500118   
Joshua FITCH & Samuel BRIDGERobert PLAYLE cottage2520026   
CROFT? John EsquireEdward JARVISNewhouse FarmKitchen fd1722132   
   Homestead173 329   
   Little fd1792035   
   Seven (!) acres2059132   
   Bryants fd20611219   
   Stack ley22910115   
   Hopground pasture2311135   
   House pasture231200   
   New fd2323135   
   Home fd2344014   
   Barn pasture235115   
   Home psre236120   
   Shoemakers ptre237206   
   New ley2381037   
CROFT? John EsquireWm ASHFORD cottage2090012   
Charity Land Trustees of R Stambourne, R Birdbrook, V St Bumpstead, V FinchingfieldHenry UNWINMissents FarmCheer field3341029   
   pt Stambourne pr355320   
   pt longland fd3567126   
   Slade fd3584020   
   Further fd3598025   
ELY JohnParmenter BRAMSTON Parmenters Mead1121137   
     132 91
ELY JohnDaniel BRAZIER cottage185018   
ELY JohnJohn HARVEY cottage254      
ELY SusanBarker MYALLOld House FarmPt pen Field159930   
   Middle fd1606120   
   Home pen fd1617013   
   Little Home fd1621026   
   Crooks fd2495313   
   Pen fd2575213   
EDEN Revd RobertGeo GOODCHILD Part further Dock Fld362430   
   Part further Dock Fld3636124   
   Part Weybridge Meadow3641213   
   Part Weybridge Meadow366 330   
FLACK AnnHerself cottage2480016   
FITCH RichardChas MARTIN cottage2430010   
FITCH RichardGeo RAWLINSON cottage2440011   
GIBBENS WmHimselfHill FarmPt peg fd59530   
   Lower pigs(?)605327   
   Hop ground fd616024   
   pt High fd624138   
   pt Newlands634126   
   Five acres645228   
   Pauls pasture652210   
   The Pasture1293225   
   School field1309323   
   School garden131032   
   Town fd13210025   
   Upper Park fd136735   
   little ditto1377314   
   pt Mill fd1386217   
   Pt Garden140012   
   pt Dovehouse? Fd1420326   
   pt Long ptre143137   
   Lower park14511016   
GIBBENS WmThos BUNTON cottage660027   
GIBBENS WmThos YIEU? cottage1350035   
GIBBENS WmCharlotte PARMENTER cottage139014   
GIBLIN? JohnThos GIBLIN Part fern? Field36111323318
GENT Geo WmJohn THOROGOODSlough FarmPasture2804325   
   Garden281  10   
   Home Hall2931121   
   Garden fd2942317   
   Little ley295136   
   Pool fd296614   
   Six acres2976213   
   Three acres2983012   
   Great ley299404   
   Cart Lodge fd3005034   
GENT Geo WmJohn YELDHAM Percivale ley3436231   
HOPKINS Revd JasHimselfTurners FarmUpper field965224   
   Lower do971336   
HOPKINS Revd James (Glebe)HimselfGlebeSecond lower field1204029   
   First ditto1213010   
   Lower pasture127132   
   Four & half acre field1764330   
   Second upper field177502   
   Little upper field1781327   
HOPKINS Revd James (Glebe)Himself Churchyard76103   
HOPKINS Revd JasJohn Pask cottage980118   
HOPKINS Revd JasWm KEYS garden45003   
HOPKINS Revd JasEdwd STOCK cottage1140010   
HOPKINS Revd JasWm WESLEY cottage420013   
HANNIBAL ChasHimself cottage460112   
HILLS MaryWm DREW cottage3520122   
HILLS MaryChas MARTIN cottage 0017   
HILLS MaryRobt HARVEY New Enclosure3370112   
JARVIS Richardhself ctge247      
JARVIS HenryJohn RICHARDSON ctge104006   
Wm KEYShself ctge430019   
MYALL BarkerHimselfStambourne HallGreat Shepherds land71400   
   Essex ley910018   
   New Barn pasture101026   
   Little Shepherds lands117320   
   pt Home ptre122134   
   Trustee? Long mead131230   
   Ash ground140321   
   Munnil? field3629028   
   First Long Mead377336   
   Home fd3811111   
   Calves gate?3919315   
   Hall fd4018111   
   Ash Ground piece?72235   
   The Moor?73821   
   Great Park7423221   
   House Orchard Garden77202   
   The Moor79337   
   Round House park80338   
   Digbye? Mead82715   
   Parmenter fd1018115   
MYALL BarkerHimselfStambourne GreenShipley Wood22613229   
   pt Isaacs fd2585220   
   pt Upper Shot?264210   
   Upper Shotfield?265724   
   Cowls Bottom & 2752772447   
   Ash Ground piece?2840134   
MYALL BarkerHimself Pond Wood311190201134
MYALL BarkerFrederick SPANNER The Lion Public House 128060
MYALL BarkerGeo BOWYER Garden2860025   
MYALL BarkerJas KEMP garden 0319 59
MYALL BarkerChas MARTIN cottage410034   
MYALL BarkerJohn PARMENTER gdn1020035   
MYALL BarkerJohn LEWSEY ctge103010   
MYALL BarkerJohn WHIFFEN ctge83014   
MARSH ThosMARSH Wm Upper Graze2033020   
NOTTIDGE GeoWm KEYS gdn440020   
NOTTIDGE GeoGeo HILLSEssex FarmPt Pettyfield Wood112113   
   Further Pettyfield513311   
   First do:61630   
   Short Croft473212   
   Rusts? Wood fd48528   
   Pine croft4911310   
   Rusts wood0323    
   Great Dung field678323   
   Hither Meadow68700   
   Harris fd6912216   
   Further meadow705127   
   Gravel pit field71620   
PARMENTER EdwdGeo FITCH ctge1640016   
QUEENS College Cambridge the Masters and fellows oflate John CHAPLIN ExecuterThree ChimneysPt 3 Chimneys Wood517311   
   Pt Woodfield527316   
   Wood ptre535021   
   Moat Field55314   
   Pt Bookmans fd56101   
   Old Ley577328   
   Slade? ptre58305   
   Pt Further ptre1441118   
   Further fd1481130   
   Crooks wood1496010   
QUEENS College Cambridge the Masters and fellows oflate John CHAPLIN ExecuterStambourne GreenTaylors fd2418014   
   Valey (sic)2623217   
   Tufts meadow26912114   
   Tufts fd270410   
   Trustees farm fd271510   
   Farm wood27210015   
   Second Farmfield2737216   
   First ditto274515   
   Rushey ley2753332   
   Home meadow289330   
   Regis Pasture302534   
   The Common3101020   
QUY MaryHerself fields 227 166
RANDALL RichdThos SHELLYStambourne GreenBray? Meadow2790329   
   Butchers Arms2560028   
     1017 50
RUFFLE WmRevd Jas HOPKINS The Avenue 130   
RUFFLE WmRobert PESTIN?/JOSTIN?Stambourne GreenTown meadow field1674323   
   Town meadow bottom1682228   
   Shipley fd22718515   
   The Grove?2280336   
   Thistley Broads2408222   
   Isaacs meadow259022   
   Twelve acre ley26014323   
   Eight acre26112225   
   Seven acre263723   
   Shipley Fm1118    
   Gun? Slough266912   
   The Croft2670312   
   The Chase268010   
   Harts? close3012320   
   Revels fd3038024   
   Home meadow303300   
   Home fd30616227   
   Purkis fd3079022   
   Little Common3084226   
   The Common30910017   
   Upper meadow34916310   
   Lower do.3507214   
   Pigs meadow3534325   
RUFFLE WmHimselfChurch FarmHome Elsiton1071113   
   The Croft1100317   
   Further Elsdon11111176   
   Calves pastre1194016   
   Hay Croft12411310   
   Great Sandals?12518120   
   Little do.126820   
   The pasture128230   
   Pens fd1669113   
   Pens pasture1673023   
   Shoemakers fold170616   
   Little long leay?180.16211   
   Great do.18113212   
RUFFLE WmJohn RUGGLES ctge163008   
RUFFLE WmHenry WIFFIN ctge1710110   
RUFFLE WmEdwd RHODES ctge2410012   
Stambourne Independent Chapel the trustees ofRevd James SPURGEONLittle CollinsFurther field1466133   
   Coal Hearth Field1473222   
   Wood field1506130   
   Six acre1516130   
   Garden field152 214   
   The Chapel & Gard1530021   
   Homestead154-6 218   
   The Meadow1571127   
SEYMOUR William EsqreWm RUFFLEGreenfieldsWeybridge Mead153024   
   Twelve acres1612118   
   Pear Tree field179031   
   Thistley field189025   
   Gate field194332   
   Hollow piece205220   
   Oxleys? Pasture21204   
   Stump croft226021   
   Prince field23302   
   Twelve acre millfield331330   
   Millfield pasture342334   
   13 acre millfield8515316   
   Little mill croft863212   
   Great Chapel field911534   
   Little Chapel field927310   
   Further meadow3653212   
SEYMOUR William EsqreHimselfRobin Hood EndGt Shipley fd22416322   
   Little do.225717   
   Smithy l led31212124   
   Middle ley31317134   
   Grove field3173316   
   Brickyard pasture3232333   
   High field3237111   
   Stoney land326630   
   Ellen acres?3277012   
   Gravel pit fields3283330   
   Gaitlodge pasture3293323   
   Hop ground field3303330   
   Upper quirts?3363023   
   New land3391430   
   Hither wood field3401716   
   Further do.3411303   
SEYMOUR William EsqreJas BARNARD ctge2200017   
SMITH GeoHselfMill FarmPasture261026   
    27 29   
SMITH EzekielHselfBrook HouseBrook House331      
   Alder field3329116   
   Shackle field3337210   
   Braxted field3347024   
STEVENS Ellis Anderson EsqrePhillip SHELLY pt Bacons field3444120   
   pt Great Mores?346303   
   Little Moses347430   
   pt Bens? paasture348230   
   pt Stubbage field36011013   
STEVENS Ellis Anderson EsqreJohn RICHARDSON ctge3450036   
SHELLEY ThosWm WESLEY ctge2830116   
TURNER? JamesHself Windmill & yard1330113   
   House or field138739   
UNWIN EdwdThos WIX ctge2350020   
WHITE ThomasRobert RURRIL? pt Wood field23025   
   pt Pit field33022   
   Bridge field4622   
WOODHAM William Rack? EsqreEdward EAME?Little TagleyPightle115012   
   Lower Pastre117400   
   New fd1181210   
   upper fd182684   
   Boteford? 6123   
WOODHAM William Rack? EsqreMartin GATWARD?Great TagleyGt Middle ley95917   
   Sheeps pightle184100   
   Dovehouse field1876124   
   Wren pasture1881224   
   Six acre wren189630   
   Little mill ley1913322   
   Chaseway 0014   
   Furrels (sic)1929226   
   Eight acre wood field1938036   
   Gt Wren1941308   
   Gt bushey ley1953333   
   Six acre woodfield1966212   
   Little bushey ley1972224   
   Potatoe garden198110   
   Home field1991088   
   Home pasture200610   
   Lower Cragge2024134   
   Little Tagley field21017221   
   Self sown field21113018   
   Tagley wood2122112   
   Lower long field213822   
   Upper ditt21410218   
   Poplar field2159327   
   Cow ley21613038