Annex 10

The frequency of names in the Church Registers

The Registers begin in 1558 & are more or less continuous. The period of the Commonwealth with its supposed appointment of the Civil Register, an official for whose actual existence I see no real proof, seems to contain selected entries only. Most of these were apparently made at a single sitting in 1665. If a lay official did keep records I think they have been lost.

In the period 1558 to 1740 there are 1800 entries, about 10 p.a. so the record must be incomplete. The commonest, earliest, longest & still surviving name is Smith. Samuel Joseph with Daisy Eleanor lived in Newhouse Farm in 1908/9 & Smiths still occupy ParkView only 800 yds away from the site of Rev Hy Havers old house.

The frequency of the commoner names in this period is:

Smith 65
Levitt 60
Choate vv 50 of which 3 were Choote
Playle 45
Houlton 39
Peacock 37
Gowlett 29
Barnud vv 20
Agnes 15

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