Toppesfield Primary School

Toppesfield Primary School

The catchment school for Stambourne

Until 1957 Stambourne had its own primary school, but it ceased to be viable when pupil numbers dropped below 20. The school closed, the children moved up the hill to Toppesfield and the old school building became the Village Hall. Since then St Margaret’s Primary in Toppesfield has been the catchment school for Stambourne.

Although the school is in Topppesfield, it has always been a shared facility between the two villages with the pupil population coming in similar numbers from both parishes. Children from Stambourne travel to the school using the free bus service. Stambourne has always been well represented on the school governing body; a situation that continues up to the present day.

St. Margaret’s is a voluntary controlled Church of England school, which means that there is an on-going relationship with the diocese, but in most respects the school is controlled by Essex County Council.

St Margaret’s Primary in Toppesfield is the catchment school for Stambourne.

Pupil numbers hover around 80 which means that all the children are well known and receive very personal tuition; something that has been recognised in our Ofsted report of January 2016 when the school was rated as “good with outstanding features.” We also received a “good” rating when the diocesan inspectors came to call in October 2015. For a good understanding of the many strengths of St. Margaret’s read the full copies of the reports that are available on their website.

The comprehensive website covers all aspects of life at the school, including current events and activities—please take a look: