Old photos

* Stambourne School, 1937. Top L-R: Bill Pyman, Robin Crago, Gwen Pyman, Elsie Argent, Jimmy Irish, Ron Tarbin, Ken Pyman
Mid L-R: Harry Mickley, Enid Jackson, Freda Mansfield, Olive Mickley, Kathy Read, Connie Goodlad, Molly Wesley, Iris

** Toppesfield Primary Netball team, mid 50s — from Tess Taylor
Back, L-R: Marcella Tindall, Jane Hasler, Mrs May Rice, Doreen Clark, Sally Rayner
Front L-R: Rosemary Alcock, Janet Whittle, Heather Gallifant, Ann Johnson, Tess Taylor

*** Toppesfield pupils singing in Hedingham School, 1959. Back row: P. Pasfield, T Butcher, S Fifie, W. Rogers, k. Boughtwood, B Alcock, J Fitch, R Hardy, H Galifant, B Clark, M Palmer. Front: L Ross, J Hasler, P Ruggles, I Everitt, M Hoadley, G Alcock, A Johnson, T Taylor, J Wittle, B Blake, K Palmer, M Towns

Albert John Argent, formerly of Stambourne, provided the images below:

* Taken by Albert Argent. Seated in front of the Red Lion. The man on the left of the picture is possibly John Peat (who lived at the Hall). Tom Pannel and the Westley brothers also may appear.