Notable residents

Notable residents

As well as famous (or infamous) connections to Stambourne and the surrounding areas.

  • Dame Gwen Lucy Ffrangcon-Davies, actress — lived her last years in Tagley Cottage on Finchingfield Road and is buried in the churchyard in Stambourne. She was regularly visited by actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne.
  • Roger Whittaker, singer and song-writer — used to own and run The Red Lion pub in Stambourne.
  • Ronnie and Reggie Kray, nightclub owners and gangsters — fought a boxing match in 1960 on the Stambourne Playing Field.
  • Cheryl Frances-Hoad, composer — Cheryl’s grandmother, Christine Hoad and Cheryl’s mother Anne Hoad, lived in Stambourne.
  • Dodie Smith, author of 101 Dalmatians — lived in Stambourne in the 1970s.
  • Suzi Quatro, American singer — lived in Quys Farm on the Toppesfield Road, with her two children, in the house she bought with her long-time guitarist and then husband, Len Tuckey in 1980. She had a recording studio set up in the barn but it burned down.
  • Victor Pemberton, writer and television producer — lived near Dame Gwen Lucy Ffrangcon-Davies, at Craig’s End on Finchingfield Road, with his partner David Spenser, also an actor, television producer and writer.
  • As part of the British 17th-century witchcraft trials, the spinster Sarah Houghton of Stambourne, in 1663, was charged by the authorities with causing John Smyth to become ‘consumed and made infirme.’ 
  • Goofy Mumford, an alleged witch, was buried between Finchingfield and Stambourne. You can listen to more here »
  • Not an actual person, but… a house in Stambourne was once on the BBC’s “Escape to the Country”.

If anyone knows of any other links to Stambourne, please let us know!

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