Annex 12

Residents of Wesley End

1852Chas s.o.Wm Bunton = Mary Ann Mickley
1860Mary Ann Bunton d.o. John, a labourer
1863Sarah Ann Bunton aet 20 d.o. Chas
1867Hannah Bunton, 20, s.o. John, m Wm Metson [Geo B X as witness]
1868Thos Bunton 27, s.o. John [Chas B X as witness]
1871Hephzibah Bunton, 17, d.o. John [Peter B as witness]
1881Peter Bunton, 29, Blacksmith, s.o. John m Fanny M Rawlinson (n.b our horseshoes)
1888he was a witness
1893William Thomas = Elizabeth Ann Clark 20 January [Congregational records = C.R.]
1898Henry John Charles was here February 1
1901Arthur Charles; February 2
1901Peter Bunton, now a labourer & Fanny; a son Albert Edward
1903Gladys Kate Charles; June 13
1903Wm Martin, Labourer & Emma Jane; a daughter Gladys Alice [I have a later note that the Martins lived here alone; presumably this means when all cottages but theirs were deserted]
1903George Ruffle, Decorator & Sarah Caroline; a daughter Phoebe Elizabeth
1903Clara Bunton, 25, d.o. Geo, m W J Smith of E Bergholt
1908Rose Bunton d.o. Geo, a son Andrew
1925Dick Ruggles told me that he was born in Tinkers though he lived with his uncle in Ye Cott.
1933John Peter Bunton died 16 July, aet 82 (probably s.o. Chas & Mary; bz 1852)
1933Hilda Flo Metson died October 4
Ben Hezekiah Metson
1944Charlotte (Corder) Wiffen; baby Charles died 14 December (A grave stone I think)
1949Stanley Mark Hayes, Labourer, & Ivy Lily; a son Douglas John
1953Wilfred Robert Birch = Beatrice Mary
Adrian Corder b 18 January
Christine Susan born 11 March 1956
1958Mrs Lambert had Tinkers
1959The Birch family left Essex Hall Cottage
Tarbins & Coxes in Essex Hall Cottages
1960Liddell Armitage bought Tinkers Revel as it then was
1963Peter Raymond Beale & Nellie were in the Cottage
This must be the year the Garratts bought it
In October we bought Tinkers
1988Hayes, Joe & Ivy and son Basil [who was 70-80 y.o. when he told me] went to Malden. I suppose this means at the time when the hamlet was nearly deserted.
1995We sold Tinkers to Ian & Susan Ward
1996Garratts left for Norfolk

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