Annex 2

Index of Mediaeval

This is a list of all early names encountered in the primary sources: LDB; Magna Carta; Stoke charters [C1-624] Queens’ College deeds [ Q 152 ] & Lay Subsidy 1327. Some of the secondary sources also consulted are: Morant (incompletely), Wright; Essex Worthies; DNB.; Hatton on Clare. I appear not have listed the Clare Cartulary. These latter books are mainly represented in the lists of the great families such as de Clares, Pevers, McWilliams, Mandeville, Grenville, de Stanburn which are given here by family name only, the individual members of them being listed in a separate annex with that title. Dates are simplified to a single yr., so are approximate unless given in full. Surnames come first when they seem to make sense but phrases like “de Capellis” are treated as descriptors.

Power of Attorney = pr atny wts = witness

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