Annex 8b

MacWilliam Chronology

  The Pevers Family12161395  
I Milo1290 1340Jane Waylond 
II Roger1310 1360  
III Thomas i1330 1407Agnes de PesonWright says the Peson arms were here & puts Easton @ about this time too
IVLight 2Charles1350 1410Jane CaunfieldThere is perhaps an Arthur in this generation
V Edward i1370 1430Mary WinghamWright has Wyngham here but not quite like ours; it is ‘per bend’
VI    1st Thomas ii139014301450Alice Brompton 
VII   2ndLight 3William141014501464A Stayne ladyWright gives this blazon to Gestingthorpe
 Light 4Edward ii141514641479Elizabeth InglosseThe latest quartering of the McWm shield was established by these 2 marriages. It was used by the next 6 generations & is carved into our stonework. I shall call it the Stambourne MacWilliam arms to distinguish it from those of the earlier Irish and the Gloucester branches of the family
VIII  3th John143014791490Margaret Gestingthorpe 
IX    4th Edward iii*145014901495An Awkborough girlWright says her arms were here
X      5thLight 5Edward iv*147014951499Christina Hartishorne dies1505 
  Christina* McWm 14991505for some part of the estateWright places the Nervit arms in the church too @ about this time
XI    6thLight 6Henry i*149015061539Anne Spilman* These four are the subjects of the window; save Christina, they are also the 3 in the tomb
      Ela LayeWright has the Laye arms here too
XII   7th Henry ii153215391586Mary Hill/Chekedies1616
  Mary McWm153215861616holds ±th of the estate 
XIIbisLight 7Eliz McWm1501  Geo Colt; dies 1578Though Light 7 is indeed their shield this pair cannot have been sole manorial lords
XIII  8th Henry iii155515861599Unmarried: the last of the male lineKilled in duel without issue
XIIIbisLight 8Henry Colt15301606  The shield in light 8 must Antedate 1450 or be a compound [1]
UnknownLight 9Wingfield >1464 McWm girlHe could perhaps be a brother of Mary Wingham around 1370-1430

[1] PME: I don’t understand the argument here.

JBE’s response: The ‘shield’ will mean the form of the McWm impalement only. JE does not remember – it will be in his analysis of the window in Ch7. I suspect she just preferenced an earlier form. (It could be cf ? Cavendish) What of this do I include??

JBE has used a 20 year generation. NJE has used 25years. Dates in bold are documented. The other dates are calculated or deduced (some being defined by the shields in the lights in the East Window).

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