Annex 9

Index of correspondence on individual subjects & of historic names in Stambourne

Argent Dorothy Mahoney 
Ashard  see school
Awkborough& variants appear as marrying MacWilliams  
Barker, Frances   
Bond, Edwarda sailor of whom the Navy has no record  
Brown, Abrahamhis will of 1827 republished 1927 with a poem. No burial record  
Choat, Choot, Choote1559 to XIXc  
Collar Richardson 
Drury Pease 
Fitch, Fytche(e)1559 to XXcJohn Fitchsee also Paynells
Gowlettan early name  
Grubb = Gill Bareham 
HaslerEarliest registers to 1980s; listed  
Hills & Davy  see Fitch
LevittEarly name  
Lewsey; LucyXVII to XIXc  
Marsh & Teader & French Wardsee also Fitch for French
Mynott George Mynott 
PaynellsEarly to XXc  
PlayleEarly to XIXcSharpsee also Paynells
Rallings, Rawlinsons   
Russell Dorking 
Ruggles, Allan & son Percy of Pound Hoin 1914 are the only recorded Stn bricklayers  
Sheldon, SheltonThere is an XVIIIc owner of the Hall as well as the last XXc owner  
SheldrakeAnother old name  
Smee & Lucy Beckwith 
SnellockeListed; mainly in Toppesfield  
Sparrow & Turner Barker 
Spurgeon & SudburyListing & Tree from 1465 onwards to present dayVeronica Etchells 
Stanburn, [deListing 1160 to 1484; possibly, as Alstan, from 1040]  

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