Annex 1

Hearth Tax Record List

A Listing of all the documents of Hearth Tax or Lay subsidy that I found.

The thirteenth regnal year of Charles II is reckoned from 30 Jan 1661 to 29 Jan 1662, as his reign is dated from the moment of his father’s execution.

DateRegnalPROERODocumentsPosn in chart
166214 Chas II246/80Q/RTh1cards in drawer  
1663  Q/RTh2Alterations only;not seen I think 
166416 Chas II112/69 Michaelmas in pencil Main col of 3
    Alterations of 1666 v.i. LH & RH cols
 Chas II246/26 Mich. Only col of 1
1665 246/20 Accompt Lady Day 1666 Main col of 2
166618 Chas II112/71 Duplicate single ms  
 18 Car II112/69 Complex; 3 cols LH & RH of 3
1667   none found  
1668  Q/RTh3   
?1669  Q/RTh4   
1670   none found  
1671  Q/RTh5   
167225 Ch II246/12 corrected from 15 C II  
GOKChas II246/29 County fragments.4 ms  

Mainly from notes made in the PRO in Chancery Lane on 2 Nov 1988. Their index is in a white foolscap book No 60 on the LHS near desk in the Round Room. Essex is near the back of the book. These numbers actually have a solidus, not a point but the FW SS will not print this format.

All entries are prefixed E179. It is quite probable that all are now @ Kew.
The documents in the ERO are much less extensive.

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