Annex 10

An Old Photograph of the Post Mill

An Old Photograph of the Post Mill
An Old Photograph of the Post Mill

About a month later, the same paper announced the demolition of the mill ‘injured during the recent gale’ and in May 1910, a sale by auction on the premises of mill parts was advertised. These included two pairs of stones, sails, gear wheels, plummer blocks and so forth.1

As revealed by photographs, the white painted mill body was plainly built, without porch or projections at the rear, and was winded by tail pole with a simple yoke attached. A sack slide descended the rear ladder. There were four spring sails, single-shuttered and turning anti-clockwise, and a wheeled staging was pushed round the mill for shutter adjustment. The brick piers rose to above head height and the base timbers bore evidence of the depredations of the weather, having reinforcement at the lower joints.


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