Annex 2

Hearth Tax Listing 1664-67

1664 246.261665?1667 246.20?1666? text of 16641666 [note from register]
    AlterationsPale Blackchanges in very pale ink
Havers GentviiMr Havors vii    emptyviiHavers gent____vii now Robert Cock clicus
Thos PannellviThos Pannell0vi     emptyviThomas Pannellvi now Mrs Deek[alive 1666
Wm DeekesiiiWillim Deekesii& i fallen downiiWilliam Deekesiii one demolished by
  John Choateviii& ii falln down            pulling down
Jno MifsingiiiJohn Missingiii iiiJohn MissingiiiISQnow demolished by
Jno Choate10[v.s. box 6]  viJohn Choateviii [JM bd 1667]
Jno LevittiiJohn Levitt Senrii iiJohn LevittiiiISQ 
Daniel PoultonivDaniel Poultoniv ivDaniel PoultonivISQ 
Robert Phillipsi[no Robt Phillips]  iRobert PhillipsiISQ 
  Widdî Smithi      
Thos PlayleiiThos Playleii iThos PlaileiiISQ[alive 1665]
Thos BuntingiThos Buntingi iiThomas BuntingiISQ 
Wm StaffordeiWillm Bryanti iWilliam Staffordi now William Bryant
Jno Walkington5John Walkinsonv vJohn WalkinsonvISQ[bd 1667]
Roger Roberts5Roger Robertsv vRoger RobertsvISQ[bd 1668]
Jno CraggiiJohn Cragg iiiiJohn CraggiiISQ[alive 1664]
Widow DavyiWiddi DavyoiiDavy Victi Now John Davis?
Thos BarnardiiiThos Bownardii iiThomas Barnardiii puld downº
Matt ButcheriiiMath Butcheriii iiiMatthew ButcheriiiISQ 
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John HorwoodiiJohn Harwoodii iiJohn HorwoodsiiISQ 
Thos ffitchiThos ffitchi iiThomas ffitchiiISQ[alive 1662]
Thos WyborowiiiThos Wibrowiii iiThomas WiborrowiiiISQ[alive 1665]
Hy Brettiii[v.i. end-1]  iiiHenry Brettiii now ye Widd ffrench
[no ffrench] John ffrenchi iJohn ffrenchiISQ 
Smyth widiiiWiddi Smithiii iiiSmith victiiiISQ 
  Thos Baronii      
Baron victivWiddi Baron iv    EmptyivBaron victivISQ 
BlewittiWiddi Blewitti iBlewitt victiISQ 
Thos Baronii[v.s box 30]  iiThomas BaroniiISQ 
  Willm Staffordoii     
  End of Page       
John ffarbroweii[‘v.i.end]  iiJohn ffalconerii now John Levitt ? jnr
Daniel SmythivDaniel Smithii& i demolishediiiDaniel Smithiii one stopped up by his
[no Jas Smith] James Smithiv ivJames SmithivISQ[‘bd 1668]        sonne
Wm RobertsoniiWillm Robinson iiiWilliam RobertsoniiISQ? 
John Brownii[no John Brown]  iiJohn Browneii one dem ol al by Prescn
  Henry Brettoiii    ISQ?    JB alive 1666
  John Falconeroii     ISQ?     
Totals88 78 87    

Analysis of the appearance of those names that were recorded though not in all 3 of these years

1664 246.26?? 1666? text of 1664
Robt Phillipsyesnoyes 
Widdi Smith 1yesnoyes 
John ffrenchNoyesnov.s.Brett
Widdi Smith 2Noyesyes 
Daniel Smithyesyesyes 
Jas Smithyesyesyes 
Widdi Baronnoyesyes 
Thos Baronyesyesyes 

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