Annex 4

Land use in 1810

This is a transcript by JBE of notes to an 8 pp listing of fields & their owners by JH.

[pp 1-6 bear no headings so I cannot be certain that this is the beginning of the listing; this page does start with the Stambourn Hall entry]

Page 1:

The farm of Stambourn Hall was bought by
Mr A Myall for his brother Barker Myall in the
year] a spaceis left here and in several other places none of which seem to have been filled] for the sum of 4000 or 4500 of Burnas in Co Suffolk blot (May 1813)* Harris’s farm a desirable piece of land that from it s vicinity ought to be part of Stambourn Hall
estate might have been purchased by Mr
for the sum of but he
declined becoming the purchaser as having
paid too much already for the Hall _ it was
then purchased by Mr Brock whose son the
Revd Mr Brock near Dunmow XX now XXX (Feb
1814) leases it to Mr Isaac Piper. It had
several tenants upon it , a dwelling house
(I believe) which was burned down & other
buildings from Mr A Myall Feb. 1814

Page 2, top:

The entire of the farm of Robin
Hoods end was sold in the year 1811
By Mr Barker Myall to Mr Wm.
Seymour of C.Hedingham for £ 6000
of whome Mr Myall bought again
Pond Wood (18 acres) & Mr Wm. King
of Tagley bought Bryants & 7 Acre
field these two latter purchases were
made the year after (1812)
I am informed that this farm of Rob.H.End
was bought in the year by Mr Barker
Myall uncle to the present occupier of the
Hall of a man named Fickley* _ _ for
the sum of 2800£. Davey the then ten.t had
refused it for 2700£. on [l.c.sic] the death of Mr B Myall
it came to his brother Mr A Myall who sold it to
his son as above. Shiply Wood tho lying in
the midst of R.H.End land is part of the
farm of Stambourne Green to which there is
a communic.n by a lane or chase another
lane or chase which is at an angle with this
runs as a bound.y of separation between Shiply
wood & Pond wood.
Stambourn Green Farm was bought by Mr.
A Myall for his brother in the year [blank]
of Mr for the sum of 1000 9.s [JE ?]the timber
or wood felled in Shipley wood felled soon after bought
in £50 £[crossed out][‘e’ in the 3d Shipley only]
*Fickley or Finckley married a daughter
of Sr. John Fairwell whose body is
deposited in this chancel & who lived at Robin
Hoods end from a situation of affluence
he was reduced to one of indigence by
reason of extravagance & misconduct.

This is the only mention of his body being the interred in chancel rather than the sanctuary where his fine stone now is. In 1871 Master wrote

The floor within the communion rails was all taken up and tiles put down. The flat tomb stones which were there before were placed at equal distance from each other and from the side walls
This entry implies that JH is in error in using the word chancel
The tiling seems to have been done in at least two stages judging from the irregularities around the MH stoneand some slightly different textures in the surface. There is indeed a note writtten in about 1920 of relaying some uneveness in the floor.

Page 4:

Mr Unwin has two farms Hill
Farm and School House Farm which
were purchased about 7 years ago
by his brother Mr Joseph Unwin
of Mr Morley of Halstead
for the sum of £ 3000 J Unwin was
the tenant of Mr Morley and some years
of the lease were still unexpired
there are about 200 acres in the 2
farms there were other buildings
on school house or at least more
of the house than what is at
present standing leased all this
from Ja.s Barn.d Bricklayer 6th May 1815

The last 10 words seem to be a later addition made in 1815 and the whole entry is rather careless and ill punctuated

Page 5:

Opposite Mr John Ralling occupies of
Messings Farm
Stambourn Meadow _________ 5 This is claimed by Revd H Steuart
as belonging to Bumpstead

Page 7 is headed:

Return of the Land in the [deletedparifh of Stambourn
beginning of the year 1810

Page 8 continues:

as given to me by the different holders in the [edge of page]
previous to the new composition for the tythes made in March 1810

James Hopkins

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