Annex 8

List of the Deeds of the Post Mill

A list of photocopies of DEEDS said to relate to Post Mill with an attempt to set a chronology. They were lent me by Derrick Johnson in November 1989 and the originals will be taken to America by Betty Nichols, the former occupant.

171022 September. A roll 60 x 20 cm in Latin in beautiful italic gothic script; it is marked “Examined by RA: Cole” but is not signed by the litigants. What is probably a free translation on to foolscap of the same date seems to be the legal document with actual signatures; it transfers 2 acres across from John Levitt to (presumably the second) Henry Havers.
173528 August. A folded manuscript 58 x 28 cm in clear modern English in a cursive script which is a copy of the Court roll made by Ra: Cole and containing an extract of the Will of Henry Havers II who calls himself ‘Minister of the Gospel and so forth’. It transfers The Shop from Henry Havers II to Henry Havers III who refers to HH II as his uncle, along with two acres.
1747There is no document of this, the date of the death of HH III and cover the 31 years up to 1778, q.v. is lacking.
17789 July is a printed form completed in irregular copperplate transferring 2 acres from Catherine Clapton to Daniel Wade for £160 – it says she is bound but the sum seems too large to relate to an apprenticeship.
178531 January. A single A3 sheet in modern copperplate transfers a messuage from Daniel Wade to Edward Piper of Toppesfield.
I see no connection between Piper and Breans.
1792Breans to Coles quoted q.v.
179925 April. James Cole to John Davey with a suffix of Davey’s surrender to his will 38 x 26 cm; modern copperplate.
183131 October. Transfer by the lord from John Davey to Harriet Ralling (who may well be his natural child) following presentation of J D’s will. Modern copperplate 38 x 26 cm.
183216 April. The first of the modern sized double foolscap (copied on to A4 30 x 21 cm) Harriet Ralling transfers to Robt Bretnall for £160.
I see no connection between Robt Bretnall of Wither and Oldham and Fitch.
1834quoted q.v. Oldham and Fitch to Daniel Unwin and Seth Gibbons (who may be the father of William).
18575 May quoted q.v. William Gibbons to Daniel Unwin.
1884Daniel Unwin dies intestate; D Jarvis Unwin is natural heir.
188525 September (which quotes the three above entries) 2 legal outlined sheets 42 x 29 cm of a transfer out of a sense of fairness from Daniel Jarvis Unwin to his (presumably younger) brother George Jarvis Unwin of a Mill and two acres.

The identity of the plots is vague – both Henry Havers clearly occupied The Shop on 2 acres; this seems to have fallen down and been replaced by a Mill and there are references to the land abutting the Chapel – but at this stage I am far from clear just where it was and whether all the deeds relate to the same plot.

JBE 18 November 1989

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