Discussion of the evidence

1710It seems probable that the present site of Castle Bungalow was the place on which was situate The Shop given as the address of HHII in the deed of transfer of 2 acres from John Levitt.
1834The Post Mill was included in the sale by the Unwins of Hill Farm
1866It was held sequentially by Daniel Unwin
1870Geo Unwin also 1874
1878Daniel Unwin junior also 1882
1906Mrs E Unwin
1908Daniel Herbert Unwin. He spent a lot of money on repairs;
latterly it used a petrol engine & was operated by a Mr Cranfield.
19093rd December: “Stambourne: Mill wrecked” “…dislocated beyond repair”.
1910May; the ruins were auctioned off.
1963The brick byres were on the site & remained unused save as a coach house for years
1980Mr Argent builds Castle Bungalow.

Chestnut Horse Farm

[The Chestnuts] is another building of uncertain age in the area now called Mill Road.

Mill Farm

@ the Toppesfield turning is more than a mile away & was always small. Geo Smith farmed 16 acres in 1837. The house was recovered from a ruin in about 1970 and now has just a small garden. There was a mill of unknown type here between it and The Elms. Robert & Edward Jarvis were here in 1804-1815.

Thus four mills on differing sites are recorded in the XIXc. Another is mentioned in the Feet of Fines in 1540 as being in Ridgewell and Stambourne. This is probably one of the many references to Ridgewell Norton and suggests there was a fifth windmill servicing Slough, Green, Revells & both the Nortons farms in what I am calling the fourth area.

Butchers Arms

Now the White House was a second public House in 1965 when it closed. It is a large imposing but undistinguished building, probably of the XVIIIc. That it was once prosperous is evidenced by a surviving photograph of perhaps fifty men preparing for a shoot on its forecourt.

The known Publicans were:

1760 may have been Mr Key; the measures inspector does not specify which house in his report.
1802-3Isaac Fitch
1822Elisabeth Fitch
1823John Davey
1836William & Jane Wallman [from Rector]
1845 & 48Thos Shelley [Whites Directory]
1876 & 78John Wright marries Esther Jarvis; still there 1878
1880E Wiffen m Mary Ann
1881Edward, aet 27 y and Mary Ann, aet 27 y Wiffen were still landlords
1902J T Bonner
1926Edward Ashwin
1933Harry Bright; also 1938
1960sMr & Muriel Crow, were landlords:
1965She was Treasurer of the PCC and served us from the last barrel on her last day; her husband had already died.
1995Muriel was very ill herself and not like to last long.

Little Tagley

An Elizabethan house in Dyers End , also functioned as a third hostlery. “Good Beer Sold Here. It now has little of the 23 acres owned by Wm Woodham in 1837 which were farmed by Edward Eame.

Great Tagley

A much larger and older house on the opposite of the road now probably has acquired all the lands hereabouts, most of which belonged originally to the Grenvilles.

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