Recycling calendar for 2023-24

Recycling calendar 2023-24 for Stambourne //


Next Bin Day is:

    The green bin garden waste collection is now chargeable (from March 2024).

    More information can be found on Braintree Council’s website.

    We should all aim to recycle as much as possible and councils have targets in place to increase the amount that’s recycled each year. To achieve that, Braintree Council encourage us all to follow their recycling guides and make sure we fill our bins and clear recycling sacks only with the correct type of rubbish.

    It’s often best to place your bins and sacks the evening before as collections are sometimes quite early in the morning.

    Our council alternates weekly between a recycling collection (green bins, clear sacks for recylcing and food bin) and non-recycling (black bin and food bin). You can see on the calendar which collections are made, usually on Mondays but sometimes it can change.

    If you have any queries about the Recycling and Waste collection service, email

    Recycling calendar 2023-24 for Stambourne

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