Information on the recent (very) low temperatures on the website

Information on the recent (very) low temperatures on the website

“Why is showing such low temperatures? Surely it’s not right!”

Well, this is a question we have been asked, and on the morning of Tuesday, 13th December 2022, we thought we would check some of the temperatures the main Weather Station was reporting, using 3 other thermometers.

Sure enough, when the main Weather Station was recording -10.1 °c, they were all within 0.3 °c of that value.

So, the temperatures are correct, but why so cold? Well, the Weather Station is located in a bit of a dip along Cornish Hall End Road (Stambourne Green, Essex) and where there are dips, colder air will accumulate and where there is laying snow, that will keep the air cooler too.

Both of these points explain the very cold temperatures shown on the website for a period of a week, which have been quite unheard of in Stambourne.

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Stambourne weather live updates are powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 (VP2) weather station located along Cornish Hall End Road in Stambourne Green, Essex, UK.

The live updates are processed using WeatherCat software. In short, this weather station collects all the data for the weather section on this website. For example, it handles: temperature changes within the last hour; today’s highs and lows; info on rain fall; pressure and cloud base; current and past graphs and much more.