Annex 5

Table of Field Ownership & Use 1837

This is an amended version of 23/10/03 which attempts to include most of your annotations from 1999.

I can ‘improve’ it further by a) removing duplicate owners in Landowner column b) Making capitalisation and abbreviation consistent in Field Name column c) removing blue and green entries d) adding a footnote to this effect ‘any discrepancies between the totals shown (shewn?) and the sum of the field sizes is probably due to either i) original scribal error or ii) the poor quality of the photocopies from which this table is derived’.
I haven’t yet re-checked the calculations (or used Bill Gates to do so) but will do if it is desirable.

I’ve left in a couple of red totals because they are contained in your pencilled 1999 notes. I can easily ‘lose’ these.

Tithes Commutation List 1837

This complex table is an approximate reproduction of the Tithe Commutation list of 1837. The original is very difficult to read but has been accepted as nearly as possible. Some small patches of land and most homesteads have been omitted but the totals of acres and valuation have been accepted.

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