Superfast broadband: BT update

BT have now installed the cabinet at Hill Farm which will provide “Superfast Broadband” to Stambourne.

This involved laying a fibre optic cable from our exchange at Ridgewell and installing the new cabinet, shown left. According to the BT status checker, they will soon be connecting the power and data lines to the cabinet, followed by testing and then they will accept orders. Apparently, this takes up to 4 months.

So, by May or June, people will have fibre broadband available in Stambourne, should they wish to purchase high-speed internet access.

Of course, other options for fast broadband such as County Broadband are still available for those who can receive it, or satellite broadband as an alternative.

However, fibre broadband offers some advantages over other technologies such as those used by County Broadband and satellite broadband such as not being affected by weather and being available to all once the upgrade has taken place. Also, there is no need to install any receiving equipment on the house such as dishes or aerials – all that’s required is a new router, similar in style to the existing ones many people already have.

As mentioned previously in the newsletter, the speed available will largely depending on the distance of your house from the cabinet near Hill Farm but it’s likely that everyone will be able to get at least 10Mb/s, an increase of over 10 times the speed which is currently available.

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