Superfast broadband: Gigaclear delayed

Gigaclears plans to provide superfast (up to 900Mb/s reduced from a 1Gb/s service, probably due to the inability to guarantee 1Gb/s) to a small part of Stambourne (Cornish Hall End Road) have been delayed from November 2018 to “by March 2019”.

Whilst they have now laid the fibre cable to each house’s boundary, they still have to connect to their network, test and “go live”.

County Broadband need to get enough people in the village to sign-up for their service so that they can provide full-fibre service to all the village. See here for more details:

BT/OpenReach are apparently going to add an additional cabinet along Dyers End to their “fibre” offering, meaning villagers are likely to get a better service along that part of Stambourne, perhaps up to 70Mb/s, but nowhere near as fast as County Broadband propose for the entire village or Gigaclear will provide along Cornish Hall End Road.

When, (or perhaps if), this will happen is unknown.

This will still be at least 10 times slower than County Broadband/Gigaclear can provide.

Superfast Essex have no details of this but this information was provided by an engineer working along Dyers End to a villager who asked about their plans.

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